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Campinas Decor 2007

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The happy decor style, whose main characteristic is to bring joy into the home through the colors of nature, invaded the 12th Edition of Campinas Decor. The architect Aquiles Nícolas Kílaris spread this style in the design of the Family Room, Terrace and Hall environment. This movement started in the United States and its conception is to transform the atmosphere of the house with the colors found in the environment. Green, orange, red and blue were used to color pillows, ornaments, lights, decorative objects and fill the space with joy. In the 50 m 2 of the environment, the professional created a comfortable climate. The furniture and carpets are neutral, in raw tones. The colors, typical of happy decor, are in the accessories and in the wooden panel with niches. This panel is the scene of the environment, the main element of lighting technology, which changes the color of the lights, renovating and changing the room. Objects are placed in the panel niches which, in addition to being decorative, are functional. A colorful stained glass window was designed on the ceiling to accompany the movement of curved plaster lines. Another highlight was the stainless steel railing, made without the traditional column, which bears the signature of Kílaris.



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