Architect of contemporary traits, Achilles Nicholas Kílaris is renowned for his versatility in creating varied architectural works. Precursor of the movement that values the curved lines and the organic forms, Kílaris is a name consecrated in the Brazilian architecture, with 26 years of experience. Its own style of design also enchants the strong integration of architecture with nature.

Throughout his career he has signed more than 2,500 projects in Brazil and abroad, commanding a team of professionals in his office in Americana. With the help of this specialized team, it offers clients the full architecture system, designing the architectural, decoration and landscaping projects of a property.

In addition, the office assumes the execution of the work by management, thus ensuring the maintenance of style and a harmonic result in all stages of construction. In addition to maintaining the uniformity of the design, the full architecture ensures that everything that was designed will be fulfilled in its entirety, without errors and wasted materials.
The professional structure that Kílaris maintains allows him to participate in dozens of architectural shows. Highlight for three editions of Casa Cor São Paulo in the years 2009, 2011 and 2012. In the 2009 edition, his work was pointed as a reference. The ambience "Futurist Boy's Room", signed by Kílaris, illustrated the cover of the Casa Kids show book. He has also been present in six editions of Campinas Decor, Casa Cor Interior 2008 and the first edition of Casa Office.
The professional also released the books "Curves in Brazilian Architecture" and "Curves in Brazilian Architecture volume II", which are a collection of his designs and express a little of this style and makes the architectural curves an expression of art.

His personal collection was also transformed into a traveling exhibition with 20 panels containing 40 photos. The goal is to unveil the universe of architecture for professionals, students and the general public. The exhibition, which also bears the name "Curves in Brazilian Architecture", is traveling in Brazil, being mounted in places of great concentration of public. More than a million people have been able to check this work, which has been highly praised by critics, for contemplating a different architecture.

Foto Arquiteto - Aquiles Nícolas Kílaris