Architect of contemporary traits, Aquiles Nícolas Kílaris is a precursor of movement that values curved lines and organic forms, Kílaris is a renowned name in Brazilian architecture, with 31 years of experience. Your his own style of designing also enchants due to the strong integration of architecture with nature.

Throughout his career, he has signed more than 5,000 projects carried out in Brazil and abroad. The professional also launched the books "Curvas na Arquitetura Brasileira"; and "Curvas na Arquitetura Brasileira volume II", which are a collection of his projects and express a little of this style that makes architectural curves an expression of art.

In addition, the public can also check their work at the traveling exhibition "Curves in Brazilian Architecture", which runs through shopping centers and cultural spaces, having been visited by approximately 4 million people across the country. His projects have also been published exclusively in the magazine Casas & Curvas na Arquitetura Brasileira since 2017.

The professional structure that Kílaris maintains allowed him to participate in dozens of architectural exhibitions. Highlight for three editions of Casa Cor São Paulo, in the years 2009, 2011 and 2012. In the 2009 edition, his work was mentioned as a reference. The environment “Bedroom of the futuristic boy” signed by Kílaris, illustrated the cover of the book of the Casa Kids exhibition. He was also present in six editions of Campinas Decor, in the 1st edition of Casa Cor Office.

Very active on social networks, Kílaris has more than 156,000 followers on Instagram and more than 24,000 followers on Facebook, with 14,000 likes. On Youtube, Canal Kílaris - which has 116,263 subscribers - presents the program Casas e Curvas na Arquitetura Brasileira, with all the details of the projects signed by the architect. The attraction, led by designer Iara Kílaris, has been watched more than 21 million times.

Of Greek paternal origin, he always praised and valued his roots. A trip to Greece, when he was still young, had a decisive influence on his future career. When faced with all the beauty and rich details of the country's architecture, he did not resist the enchantment of historic buildings: columns, ruins and monuments.

It was this trip that helped define his style, different from the architecture practiced in Brazil at the time. Since his student days at PUC Campinas, he defended a very personal thought: architecture accessible to all people. Irreverent, he believed in this posture and started his work with freedom and boldness. He is married to Iara, with whom he works in partnership, promoting the union between architecture and decoration.

He executes the architectural projects and Iara is responsible for the interior design. Together, they have already signed residential projects for many celebrities, such as soccer players Oscar (former player of the Brazilian Soccer Team) and Gil (player of Corinthians and with passages in the Brazilian Team); Jonas, former Benfica de Portugal player; Diego Alves (Flamengo goalkeeper), singer César Menotti, humorist Carlos Alberto da Nóbrega, presenter Amaury Jr, among others.

The office also offers the service of Full Architecture, thus ensuring complete harmony at the end of the work. In addition to the elaboration of the architectural and decoration project, the teams led by Aquiles and Iara are responsible for the construction and management of the work (at cost), which includes hiring labor, purchasing materials, payment flow, finishing, furniture purchase and organization of environments.

Foto Arquiteto - Aquiles Nícolas Kílaris